Who we are

TouchPoint is a Bulgarian company. Based in Sofia but our team works from all over the world. And our products & services are spread across the world. Because good design knows no boundaries and lives beyond them. Thus we export working effective products and solutions to Bulgarian and foreign clients. No matter of size – both big and small. Empowering big ideas. Demanding. Developing. Always changing. Standing out.



Creating a unique individual custom-made design for each web system we develop. . Providing visitors across devices with a positive viewing experience. Visually appealing and strategically integrated.



Fluent in all programming languages. Writing bug-minimal code. Always at client’ disposal for solving up-and-coming problems or adding the desired functionality.



Planning the development of each website and the best use of web and digital space in order to achieve your core business goals. An effective strategy is sufficient part of website design contributing to its efficiency.



On the base of accurate analysis you’ll be given valuable & on time advice & tips on your website content and whether defined web content goals are properly aligned in order to achieve better user engagement.


Step 1


We meet to discuss your overall objectives & vision and how to meet your needs. We gather information and map the guidelines of your project. Our task is to bring your ideas to life.

Step 1

Step 2

Project Design

The design phase includes documented site structure and visual layout. We set the sitemap, wireframe and the design elements of the website.

Step 3


Here we build the development frame and load client’s content to make it unique and highly appreciated by the users. As we know content drives engagement and action.

Step 3

Step 4


We do Search Engine Optimization of the content being placed ensuring better chances of ranking highly in the search engines.

Step 5


We polish the design outlook according to the client’s feedback; test the production environment, etc. Once everything is in the place we put the site to public viewing.

Step 5

Step 6


In order to close the project we are sure that our clients are satisfied with the product. However we do not consider this the final stage, because our clients matter and we are always right beside them.